Pigs - Pork

This is two of our foundation sows, Pua and Pele.

We are very excited to be part of the conservation effort to preserve one of the most unique varieties of pig found in America: The Ossabaw Island Hog, a critically endangered breed.

We are producing pigs to bring this amazing animal to your attention, and to your plate. We now have limited quantities of retail cuts, and we also hope to partner with local restaurants and butcher shops to feature this incredible breed.

Goats - Meat

This is our latest herd buck, Fergus.

We are continuing our work on our herd of meat goats, utilizing a mix of breeds: Spanish (a heritage breed), Kiko, and Boer. We are striving for hardy, parasite-resistant animals that will provide a substantial processed weight. Stay tuned to hear about kids available or retail cuts of meat.

Cattle - Beef

This is Charlie, one of our Charolais cows.

We are working to grow and improve a herd of cattle to bring pasture raised beef to your table. We are aiming for a herd based on the Charolais breed. Stay tuned to hear more about calves available for purchase or retail cuts of beef.


This is one of our Polish hens on a new batch of chicks!

We raise a variety of birds here at Shirley Family Farm. Chickens, Guineas, and Ducks provide us with meat and eggs which we will soon be offering to the public for consumption. Until then, we may have chicks or  hatching eggs available whenever possible. We strive to work with heritage breeds and animals with unique qualities.

Our plans include:

Guineas - multiple colors

Chickens - Polish (eggs) and Cornish Cross (meat)

Ducks - Cayuga (eggs) and Muscovy (meat)


One of our American Chinchilla crosses at a week old.

We raise rabbits for meat, hides, and the occasional pet. Our mixes include breeds noted for their quick growth and good health, with our favorite being the heritage breed American Chinchilla. Stay tuned for litter announcements and sales. We hope to be able to offer processed rabbit for retail sale as well.


This is Parker, our pet wether.

We are looking forward to starting our very own herd of Jacob sheep, a threatened heritage breed, for meat and fleece purposes. 

Right now, we are just enjoying our pet wether, Parker, and the enjoyment our visitors get when they see him and his unique horns.

More Livestock

Pasture Guardians

This is our girl Jenny, with her jennet ZZ and their goat charges in the background.

We keep donkeys as pasture guardians and will continue to breed them to offer young jennets or jacks to farmers for the same reason.