What is National Ag Day?

National Ag Day is organized by the Agriculture Council of America (ACA). ACA is a nonprofit organization composed of leaders in the agricultural, food and fiber community, dedicating its efforts to increasing the public's awareness of agriculture's role in modern society. 

National Ag Day at Shirley Family Farm

Celebrate with Us

Tuesday, March 24 2020

10 am - 3 pm

Cost: $10 per participant, includes tour and all project stations. (Children 2 and under and one accompanying parent per participant are free.)

If you are only interested in the tour portion and want to skip the hands-on activities, cost is only $5.

Registration is not required, but will help in anticipating attendance and ensuring plenty of project materials are available.

Tours will be going throughout the day, so you can come any time that suits you. Expect your tour to last approximately 20 minutes, so if you plan to enjoy the other stations and projects we will have setup to explore, plan accordingly!

We will have bottled water available for purchase, but if you get hungry, please bring your own lunch; you can eat on our lawn near some of our animals.(Please don't share your food with them!)

Agriculture Education


This event is geared to homeschooling students and parents interested in exploring Agriculture as part of their school curriculum, but participants of all ages are welcome!


The National Ag Day program believes that every American should:

  • understand how food, fiber and renewable resource products are produced.
  • value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy.
  • appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant and affordable products.
  • acknowledge and consider career opportunities in the agriculture, food, fiber and renewable resource industries.

Farm Tours


We at Shirley Family Farm focus primarily on meat  production, and our tours are centered around our animals.

Visitors to the farm will meet a variety of livestock and learn how animals are used in Agriculture, not just to produce meat, but also dairy, fiber, and other byproducts. 

As we continue to grow, we will focus on and feature Heritage Breeds of animals that have unique features and history. We support the efforts of the Livestock Conservancy to 'protect endangered breeds of livestock and poultry from extinction' by raising and caring for specific breeds of animals for this purpose, and delight in sharing them with our customers and the general public.

Century Farm


What does it mean to be a 'Century Farm'?  The South Carolina Century Farms Program was created in 1974 to honor families whose farms have been in the same family for one hundred years or more. Since 1974, over three hundred properties have been designated Century Farms. 

Shirley Family Farm has been in the same family since 1906, and has been designated a Century Farm since 2018. As such, we take our duty as stewards of the land and our heritage as farmers very seriously. It is one of the major reasons we open our farm to the public, in order to encourage others to learn about history and agriculture.

Project Stations


In addition to the farm tour, we will have a few crafting/education stations that you will visit to learn more about different aspects of Agriculture and its role in our daily lives. You will be able to make and take your very own projects that we hope will inspire you to investigate Agriculture further on your own at home!

Self-Watering Planter: Using recycled materials, a little soil, and some seeds, you will learn a bit about what it takes to grow the food we all depend on!

Friendship Bracelet: Have you ever thought about how your clothes and all the fabrics we use every day are made and where they come from? While you craft your own fiber friendship bracelet, we will discuss the plants and animals used in fiber production!

More to Discover


We will have a tasting station for you to try some of our very own Ossabaw Pork, along with some of our canned goods. 

You will also have the opportunity to shop for some of the items that we make here at Shirley Family Farm.

We are expecting some other special visitors set up to discuss other important topics relating to Agriculture.